Puerto de la Cruz. Tenerife

Horse Riding (San Miguel de Abona) 2h


Horse Riding Adventures in Tenerife offers you a warm welcome from Jim, Sara and all their staff.

We are the only British owned and managed riding centre in South Tenerife which specialises in Horse and Pony treks throughout the beautiful Canarian countryside.

Trekking Out in The Countryside 

Due to the unique location of our stables, we have the most fantastic rides with direct access straight out onto many different bridleways, amongst the wildlife and fauna.  Our famous mountain trek provides a unique birds eye view of the surrounding areas in the South of Tenerife. 
The treks that we provide are suitable for children from the age of 4 to adults, We can cater from absolute beginners,  up to expert riders, you can choose to ride for 1hr, 1½ hrs and 2 hours, we have 2 rides a day the first one at 10am and then again at 4pm.
There are a variety of treks for everyone, with easier routes available for beginners and nervous riders, these mainly consist of walk, Intermediate riders, we have the treks with mainly walk and where is suitable we have a trot and for the more advanced riders only, we go on faster routes with trot and canter in the areas suitable and ride higher up into the hills.

All our prices are very competitive, giving you value for money. As we are a small family run stables, it is our priority to make sure that we provide the best service for all our clients, all our horses are very well schooled giving you confidence . 

We ride out in small groups, making sure that we cater for all your needs giving you that unforgettable experience. Along the way we take photos of your experience which can then be found on our Facebook site for you to access and save at no extra cost

Once we have introduced you to your Horse or Pony, we spend a little time in the arena, so you get familiar and gain confidence with your horse before we set off on the trek.

When booking your trek it is important that we prepare the correct horses for you to ride, so we need to know your exact level of riding, please be honest and truthfull about your riding levels (if you are a beginner, Intermedaite, you can trot comfortably without holding onto the saddle or experienced rider and 100% confident in canter as we dont mix the level of experiences), heights and weights, as we do have a weight limit for each horse and we have different horses for different levels of riding.

Our weight limit is 16.5st/104kg or 231Ibs
If we get a group of mixed levels then we normally ride to the level of the lowest ability rider as there may be others on the same trek, unless you would like to book the private trek, for a extra small cost, where the advanced rider can hold back where it is suitable to have a trot or small canter to catch up, please let us know if you would like this option, when you reserve your trek with us.  For beginners or people that haven´t ridden for ages we recommend the 1hr or 1,5hr trek. Children aged 10 and under we only offer the 1hr trek. As for clothing we recommend that you have leggings, trousers or long shorts and trainers, please no flip flops or sandals. We have a small selection of boots to borrow along with a good range of helmets which have to be worn at all times. 
For large groups you do need to book in advance and also if there are children that need leading on a lead rope, we need to make sure we have enough staff on and Private Treks are available on request.

Precio: 60